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Tap into your power to do and be all you can be in the world

TIYP 1The new power.

I believe that the time really is here for a new paradigm of power, a new relationship to power.

The old aspect of power based on male patriarchy clearly isn’t working. That model based on coercion, on control, on difference, on being better than – that is not working for us, for each other and for the world. You know that. I know you know that.

We need a new paradigm for power.

Let’s own a new power. A power based on love. Power based on wisdom

Power based on relationships. Right relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world.

In that way, we can create an interwoven web of beauty, which allows each person to stand in that power but also truly and deeply respects relationship.

What do you want?

Here are some choices

Frustration              Opening                      Calm                      Connection        Separation

Love                     Anxiety                     Anger               Forgiveness                   Peace

Stuckness               Expansion                   Overwhelm              Joy             Safety            Love

  •  play small or expand your boundaries?
  •  stress your way to abundance or flow with ease and grace?
  • stay stuck in frustration or dance the path of momentum?
  • keep silent or speak your truth?
I know your answers.  They are the same as mine.  So let’s do it together


Claire’s form of EFT Tapping

It’s EFT Plus… classic EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting work informed and interwoven by over 40 years of dancing, sensing, emboldened wisdom… (see my Bio for details).

EFT is a modality in which we clear the shadow side in order to release the light, in order to then create and build on that light.

So many people want to jump straight to the light. “I am love. I am light.”  Kind of little dancing fairies everywhere. That’s great but we have the shadow side – all of us.

We’re human. We have limiting beliefs. It’s so easy to hold on to anger, to become a victim, to blame. In order to stand in our power, my power, your power, it is vital to look at the shadow side.

And that’s what Tap into your Power is all about.

It’s about you standing in your power to do and be all you can be in the world.

So that you create the

  • freedom
  • relationships
  • world

you want…

I can get you there

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