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Women of Power Circle

Joining together with strength, kindness & compassion to fulfill your potential

You are a Woman of Power-webYou want to fulfill your potential.

Women of Power will hold and support you.

You have the dream.

Women of Power will unleash your power to make it come true.

You know where you want to go.

Women of Power will help you find your way.

You long for your business to be successful.

Women of Power will fuel that success.


Healing.  Coaching.  Guidance.

I’m Claire, convener of the Women of Power Circle – a Circle to embrace, reflect and teach with wisdom, knowledge and compassion.

Plant the seed of potential in your heart - WebThis Circle is created to give you the best possible environment in which to grow your live and business potential.  Think of it like a walled garden – a safe place…

  •  …to nourish your earth and sow your seeds
  • …be protected but open to the nurturing of sun and rain
  •  …to dream and create,  blossom and bloom

A place with doors onto the outer world so that when you step out you will shine bright, happy to be seen with courage and conviction.  And people will see you and buy your wares.

I will hold your vision, clear your emotional and energetic blocks, and guide you with clarity, do-ability and accountability.

Women of Power Circle
a 6 month programme for women entrepreneurs, artists and healers who know their purpose and are ready to connect to their full power and reap the rewards.

This is for you if you know that you cannot separate life and business and are ready to fully align your heart and mind to your sacred calling.

The Power of Awakening - webThis Circle will thoroughly re-align your relationship to your own power, so that your work becomes a gateway to transformation and abundance on all levels.

When you tap into your power, you are happy with who you are, what you do and how you do it.

A Woman of Power knows that:

  • you’re not perfect but you don’t have to be
  • fears and doubts are totally dissolvable
  • it’s safe to shine to your best potential
To become a Woman of Power

• You need to own your own worth
• You need to transmit the worth of your services or goods to your clients
• You understand that the flow of energy is an expression of the abundance of the divine universe

With that level of alignment, you create alchemy and the flow of abundance is limitless

So what’s in your way of being a Woman of Power?

Yes - webThe only things that are getting in your way are your inner blocks and limitations.

Those blind spots which show up in every area of life and manifest through your bank balance. The doubts and fears which mean that even when you have all the business pieces in place, you don’t always get on with it. The procrastination which means you can’t get the work out you are longing to share. The fear that means you hide your light.

• You procrastinate and find yourself wavering from your purpose
• You are afraid to succeed in case of what other people will say or think, fear of overwhelm or losing your freedom
• You stop yourself succeeding because you fear your power

• “Everyone else is successful. What’s wrong with me?”
• “I’m not good enough/smart enough/quick enough.”
• “I’m tired of not getting on.”
Stand in your power-webThere are a million reasons “not” to become a Woman of Power and every single reason is your path to freedom!
Because it is exactly where you are blocked, that the opportunities for freedom lie. These are your stepping stones forward. This is where the alchemy begins.
But here is the big mistake many people make. Awareness isn’t freedom – it’s just awareness.

Knowing your blocks isn’t enough – you need to actually clear them and then with your new clarity, go on and put the business pieces in place to succeed

This is where the Women of Power Circle works!

This six month programme thoroughly re-aligns your relationship with your purpose and your power. You will learn to live your business as a sacred alchemy, so that so that you are continually transforming dross for gold and opening to divine abundance.

As we move through the Modules, you will explore:
Purpose (making sure your business reflects your spark of the divine)
Container (conducting your business in right relationship)
Alchemy (the exchange of fears and blocks for power)
Gift (your relationship to others through your offerings)
Flow (giving/receiving/offering/taking)
Heart (integrating power and purpose with spirit)

I become your Magician-in-Chief and guide

Courage is a skill-webI help you identify your blocks and success issues at the deepest level.
You understand how they have affected every area of your life.
I clear those blocks thoroughly and completely.
You experience the relief of finally feeling free to fulfil your potential.
I coach you in your specific next steps.
You create a successful business that is compelling and vibrant.
I teach you to use the Women of Power practices for life-long success.
You gain the confidence and strength to take your business to the next level.
You become a shining Woman of Power

When you are a Woman of Power you have
Manifest your flame of creativity +web• A clear and loving relationship with your gifts
• A deep experience of abundance in all areas of your life
• The ability to transmit the value of your services and goods to your clients and be well recompensed
• Confidence in your own worth
• Fearlessness about the future
Imagine what this would mean in your life and business
Imagine how your voice would be heard and how your light would shine.
Imagine how compelling you would be to your potential clients.
Imagine how clearly you would act in your business and how fearlessly you could proceed.

“My dreams have become a reality!”

Courtney Fitzpatrick“Claire’s Women of Power course made me realize that my dreams were closer than they appeared!  When I started Women of Power, I was working a 9-5 job, juggling mommyhood to 3 young boys, and starting a yoga studio/becoming a doula.  Despite being insanely busy, I set the goal/intention in March that by July I would leave my job to focus on the studio/doula work; through the tools and support that Claire taught (coupled with my own diligence!): I’m happy to say that my dreams have become a reality!  And, even though this transition period has been disorienting and rather scary, Claire and the other beautiful Women of Power have helped me truly set a new course.  I highly recommend Women of Power to anyone who wants to take their mindset and life to a whole new level.”

Courtney Fitzpatrick, Yoga Instructor and Doula

This programme is for a small and committed group. There will be no more than 8 women so each participant’s voice is heard and her needs met. I will only accept women who are ready to step into their power.

Month One

  • Learning how to witness and transform the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back using EFT Tapping
  • Tracking
  • Mapping your use of energy, time and space

So that you

  • Stop the leaks of time and energy
  • Find a constant place of nourishment
  • Enjoy right relationship to your own power

Month Two

Centre & Discernment

  • Learning how to find your centre
  • How to keep your centre whatever the situation
  • Learning how to activate discernment

So that you

  • Are able to re-calibrate however rocky the situation
  • Stand your ground, and feel connected
  • Gain skill with making choices, including practical and ethical ones

Month Three


  • Learn how to trust and use the natural rhythms of the Universe
  • Learn how your relationship to rhythm affects your life and business

So that you

  • Shift procrastination and/or stress
  • Create a timetable that works for you
  • Relax if you tend to perfectionism/ “I need to”/ “I must”
  • Gain focus and engagement if you tend to procrastination and “I can’t”

Month Four


  • Ownership of the whole you
  • More about tracking
  • More about mapping

So that you

  • Are in charge rather than at a loss
  • Enjoy and are enriched by the treasure trove of your inner and outer jewels
  • Know that you are enough, and that you have everything you need to move on

Month Five


  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Boundaries

So that you

  • Step forth into your Big Picture with excitement and confidence
  • Create focus and completion
  • Get results

Month Six

Integration & Stillness

  • Working with acceptance and surrender
  • Working with love not fear
  • Harnessing your power

So that you

  • Co-create with Spirit
  • Replenish and fuel when you need
  • Know ease and grace in your life and business

The Women of Power Programme includes:

Woman of Power Individual sessions
We will meet 1 to 1 via phone or Skype for 6 x 90 minutes over 6 months.

Using my unique skills with EFT Tapping (imbued with my lifelong engagement with transformation practices), I will do deep healing for you. You will experience powerful relief from what has been holding you back and deep understanding of how these blocks have been showing up in your life.

We will brainstorm how to best anchor this new flow into the realities of your business. I will coach you to specific action steps.

I will  give you homework with both energy and business actions steps to keep your life and business moving forwards.

You will experience change not only in your business flow, but almost certainly in other major areas of your life, such as health and relationships. This is an in-depth programme with in-depth results.
Women of Power Circle sessions
The whole Circle will meet together online once a month for 1.5 hours. 

I will go over the teaching materials experientially, we will have updates, feedback and questions as well as group tapping for the issues that have arisen  (group tapping is extraordinary).
This gives us the opportunity to create close community.

Your Woman of Power Action Plan

After each individual session, I will send you your personalized Woman of Power Action Plan.

This will have a summary of the session, your action steps for both your inner work and your business steps.  You can refer back to these Plans whenever you need to keep on track.

The Women of Power Teaching materials

Each month I will deliver the teaching via PDF’s, worksheets and audios as well as experientially in the live groups.

This way you have access to the teaching whenever you need it.
Garden of the Heart-webThe Women of Power Circle meeting place

The secret Facebook group.

Here you will  connect, support, rant, celebrate, ask questions and create magic.  This is our virtual Garden of the Heart – a safe container.  I will be in there nearly everyday to tend, to nourish and to enjoy the beautiful new blossoming!

Bonus One

Monthly guest interviews with some of the most amazing and powerful women I have ever had the honour of knowing. Sharing their own journey and teaching you skill nuggets to add to your magic toolbag.

Bonus Two
A paper copy of my book “Everyday Happiness: EFT Tapping for Self Transformation that Really Works”.

This is a comprehensive introduction to how to do EFT Tapping and exactly how to integrate this work into your daily life. It also comes with 40 EFT Tapping ready-to-tap scripts covering everything from “I can’t” to “Thankfulness”.

Bonus Three
Access to my full library of 40 tapalong videos “Everyday Happiness”
I have created an entire library of tapalong videos that cover many of the main limiting beliefs and emotions, so whenever you need my tapping support, we can tap together.

This is an awesome, magical programme and I can’t wait to work with you

The next round of Women of Power ~ The Fire Within ~ starts in October 2016

The first two Circles have been so incredible (and getting better all the time), I would be honoured if you would consider this round ~The Fire Within.

If you are ready to explore the Women of Power Circle, this is what to do.

Step 1 To get started, set up your complimentary, no-obligation Clarity Session right here.
Clarity Session
Step 2  Once I receive your appointment time, I will send you a short email with a vital question (don’t miss this one!) and make sure we are connected on Skype.
Step 3  At the scheduled time, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 4  If we decide to go ahead, we’ll get you all set up for Women of Power ~ The Fire Within and you will be beginning your Women of Power journey. If we decide it’s not the time or fit, I will send you resources to help you on your way. Hurrah!
Still have questions about working together? Email me here.


If you are ready to jump right in, here is where you sign up! You will have immediate access to the convening of this awesome Circle.
Use this link to pay with one installment of $2,485

Use this link to pay with 6 installments of $497

“You have become my number one business consultant …”

Kelly_Quinn“From the first call with Claire she got stuck in. There was no hesitancy – ‘here it is and we’re going to sort it out’ is what it felt like. This lasts 6 months has been a ginarmous step in my potential of trusting myself, people and life and I could not have got anywhere near as close to myself and the new client I’ve been working with without Claire holding me (and us) like she has. It’s hard to describe in words the lightness you have enabled me to reach Claire and yet the goals you have enabled me to achieve. You have become my number one business consultant next to my accountant. Looking forward to the next level with you wherever that takes me.” X

Kelly Quinn


What makes me Magician-in-Chief?
I am Claire Hayes, teacher and guide for the hopeful entrepreneur who is ready to step into their power.
Claire P HayesYou can trust me because I have walked my talk for decades. I have studied and applied principles from creativity to personal development to Chinese medecine to energy work as a life-path. You are safe with me.

What I take you through I didn’t pick up in an inspirational weekend workshop, but refined as a true path over a lifetime. For over 30 years, I have helped 1000’s of people fulfill their potential, first in the field of dance, then as a Shiatsu practitioner and now with EFT Tapping.

I am a successful author of the book “Everyday Happiness: EFT Tapping for Self Transformation that Really Works”.
Claire b&w web rightI am forming this Circle because it is my time to do this – to share my knowledge with strong, powerful women in a way that supports all.

This is my spiritual journey – bringing my expansive intuition and focussed insight to help people open to their divine qualities so they can confidently fly freely.
This is Power for me.


“Women of Power has been a huge game-changer for me.”

Brook Packard“The second half of 2015 saw me starting a business from scratch – a business that has never existed before. I knew that whatever forward action steps I took wouldn’t be successful without clearing out the inner clutter. It’s all about the Inner Game, particularly when you’re making a radical shift in your life. When I started Women of Power I had loads of ideas, implemented a few, but could not get past any kind of consistent personal routine – let alone a business routine. I was overwhelmed on every level! The process of each module of Women of Power I made profound and deeply effective progress.

And then there’s Claire herself. I would follow Claire Hayes to the ends of the earth and back! She is wise, insightful, intuitive, and with the most delightful sense of humor. Claire attracts similar spirits – women who engage with each other compassionately. I can’t wait for the monthly check-in calls.”

Brook Packard Creator, Sleepytime Club

“You definitely owe it to yourself to work with Claire”


Tara Leduc“EFT is a tremendous tool for personal transformation. It can help you to get over fears and resistance, difficult emotions and other of life’s problems. Tapping on your own is excellent!
But let’s say you want faster transformation. You want to grow quickly, do big things, take off like a rocket, feel truly capable of having your dream life, feel free of whatever kept you small or scared. In that case, you’ll want to have 1 on 1 sessions with Claire. In these sessions, Claire will guide you to go deep, deep, deep and root out something you likely wouldn’t have found for ages, or maybe ever, on your own. What’s quick and powerful healing and transformation worth to you? What if you could put on a jet pack and zoom past what holds you back? You definitely owe it to yourself to work with Claire. She’s fantastic!”

Tara Leduc  Chief Enthusiast and Bottle Washer


“Working with Claire Hayes completely blew my mind!”

Louise_Botwright - Copy“Working with Claire Hayes completely blew my mind! As a coach and EFT Advanced practitioner myself, I’ve spent lots of time and worked with many in the field, and I have to say Claire is in a league of her own.

In just 1 session with Claire, I was able to get to the route of a serious block and set of trapped emotions that were keeping me stuck and preventing me from going to the next financial level in my business and life.

Since our session together I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, my income has already started to increase and I am attracting new clients seemingly effortlessly!

If I’m honest I really struggled to find the words to describe how amazing Claire is at what she does!”  Louise Botwright EFT practitioner and business coach




“Our session last week was absolutely phenomenal – I have felt completely free of old wounds, hurt and shame that I was carrying around for so long. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for our session together.” Erin

“Claire is the most honest, most effective, most caring, most empathic, and most genuine alternative practitioner I have ever come across. I cannot thank her enough! Many thanks!!” Alison Panton

” I would highly recommend Claire Hayes, as she has a powerful way to engage the person with her wit, empathy and intuitive reads. She employs the perfect combination of understanding the issue, how it is impacting the person, and asks the right questions (being the detective).
But I have to say what I really found helpful, was not only her ability to gain the insight of the persons’ issue, but also effectively teaching people how to be able to do this for themselves. This is a very important aspect of helping others to feel empowered to take on their “stuff” following the tapping sessions, which is instrumental in a person being successful with their own detective work and self-explorations.” Ann Miller

“Claire makes tapping effortless. She takes out the struggle for perfection and allows me to just be myself. Yes, I would recommend her.
I feel more myself, more unique, and more in touch with who I am.”  Valerie Huston

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