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What to do when the Container collapses

What to do when the Container collapses

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Today, we’re exploring what happens when the container collapses, when your sense of safety dissolves, when world events shock you and pain you, when your ground is shifting beneath your feet.
We are living in a time of increasing large scale terrorist attacks. Here in the UK, we’re post-Brexit but not sure what that means. In the States, there’s a huge uprising in support of Black Lives Matter. There’s the fight for the next president.

There is a lot of unknown. There’s a lot of turmoil. There is a lot of distress.

There are huge shifts in society. Questions are being asked and lines drawn. And there is increasing polarization.

Today’s episode doesn’t look for answers but it’s about what to do when your container is collapsing, what to do when you feel shocked beyond belief at atrocities, when you feel like a lost child that lack of leadership.
When all you want to do is put your heads under the duvet because it feels like the only safe space.

Let’s use the elegant simplicity of EFT tapping to dissolve fears. There’s frozen in the headlight sort of fear which won’t get us anywhere to re-establish ground and a sense of centre.

Because when you have your sense of centre back, it is possible to then go out and do and be what you want in the world. So let’s do some tapping.

If you’re new to EFT, you can go to the About EFT page to learn all about tapping there.

But whether you’re a newbie or not, I encourage you just to hang out with me, and tap along. Don’t tap if it is unsafe to do so, for example, if you are driving. Also you take full responsibility for your own health and welfare.

Become Present

I invite you to take a moment to become present. If it’s safe to do so while you are sitting or lying, within reach on a chair, on the floor, on a couch, on the bed, shut your eyes. Turn your focus, your attention and your intention inside the body.

We’ll just take a moment together to notice where you are touching the ground, which parts of your body are touching the support of the earth putting down roots. Whether you have a visualization or not for that, just go along with the idea of putting down roots where you are right now, feeling connected with the earth where you are right now.

And also just have a little shoogle / wiggle through your spine, stretch your arms up. Open up your arms to the heavens, become aware of the heavens. Rest your arms again, opening the crown of the head to hope possibility and potential.

The Tapping

In the container of your body between the support of the earth and the inspiration of the heavens, we are going to do our tapping. I invite you to tap on your Karate Chop Point.

On the side of your hand and say out loud – or in your head if that’s more appropriate – after me,

“Even though the container feels broken, I love and accept myself.”
“Even though the ground is shifting under my feet, I love and accept myself.”
“Even though I can’t cope with the levels of change, fear and atrocities, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
Crown of the head – “So much going on.”
Eyebrow point – “Doesn’t feel safe.”
Side of the eye – “It isn’t safe.”
Under the eye – “Worries about my family.”
Under the nose – “Worries about my society.”
Chin – “These deep fears about the world.”
Collarbone – “The sense of uncertainty, the sense of fear, the sense of shock.”
Under the arm – “So much going on.” Liver point – I feel like hiding.”
Crown of the head – “Perhaps it’s okay to hide.”
Eyebrow point – “But I don’t want to disconnect from reality.”
Side of the eye – “I want to be part of the world.”
Under the eye – “But it’s too much for me.”
Under the nose – “This shock.”
Chin – “This pain.”
Collarbone – “This anger.”
Under the arm – “This fear.”
Liver point – “There’s so much.”

Now I want to always encourage you to tap more on any of those aspects if there’s a particular event that has really got to you.

Notice your emotions. Notice your thoughts.

Do rounds on the fear, on the anger, on the shock, on the disbelief. Notice the beliefs and judgments you have.

Some of which feel right and some of which will feel icky.
When you’re ready, you can come back or carry on tapping with me now.

Crown of the head – “I choose to remember my centre.”
Eyebrow point – “I choose to feel the ground.”
Side of the eye – “I choose not to close my heart.”
Under the eye – “I refuse to close my heart.”
Under the nose – “I refuse to give in to fear.”
Chin – “I refuse to accept what I do not believe in.”
Collarbone – “I choose love.”
Under the arm – “I choose connection.”
Liver point – “I choose to feel safe.”
Crown of the head – “Safety is always relative.”
Eyebrow point – “I don’t know the future.”
Side of the eye – “And I choose to feel safe.”
Under the eye – “I choose to feel my centre.”
Under the nose – “I choose to feel grounded.”
Chin – “I choose to remember my strength.”
Collarbone – “I choose to speak with my true voice and see with my true eyes.”

I invite you to put one hand on your belly, one hand on your heart. Again, you can always pause. If these few rounds of general tapping lead you to an area that you want to tap more, please do so.

This tapping can only be a seed, a starting point for your own relationship with your container, of your own relationship to how you are in the world at the moment.

But just for now with one hand on the belly, one hand on your heart. Breathing into your ground. Breathing into your love. Remembering the heavens above you.

And just feeling connected. Feeling connected with me, and with others because we’re in this together.
Thank you so much for tapping with me. I do appreciate it. I do hope you join me on our future podcast where I will be exploring all sorts of different aspects of tapping and power.

But for now this is me Claire saying goodbye and have a great day. Goodbye.

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