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What is power

What is power

I spent years shying away from the word “power”. First, I identified it with the misuse of power, or the corruption that power can bring, or the patriarchal power that has done so much harm in our history.

Then the alternative scene took up the word “empowered” – I loved it to begin with, but then, as with all buzz words, it lost its power… for me at any rate.

So why on earth would I name my 6 month life and business development programme – “Women of Power”?
I tried not to, really I did. I called my book “Everyday Happiness” – teaching EFT Tapping as a way of taking responsibility for ones own life with all its ups and downs. “Happiness” though, not “power”.

So what changed?

When I realised that every time a woman says, “my dream is important”, this is power.
Every time a woman takes charge of her own life, this is power.
Every time a woman says “no” to being invisible, subservient, small, this is power.
Every time a woman takes even the most humble of steps to fulfilling her own potential, in the face of overwhelm, self-doubt, fear of success, comparisonitis, and any of the other myriad ways we keep ourselves small – this is power.

So I learn to love the word “power”

Power to be in your body and live and work from your centre, connecting Earth and Heaven.

Power to bend time and space, to shift energy so powerfully that your everyday life sings back.
Power to create rhythms and boundaries that are clear and joyful, that work for you and your family and your business.

And most of all, power to heal longstanding wounds, so that the very core of you glows.
When you are free from those all pervasive, subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) limitations that come from those old stories you learnt to believe – then you can shape your life and business from a place of love.

It isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t matter. As a Woman of Power you get to learn you are enough anyway, and when you forget, you have awesome tapping tools to bring you back (my particular brand of EFT Tapping). Not to mention all your other awesomeness.

And by the way, all of this applies to men too. You have also been shaped by the extinguishing of the feminine and forced to conform to this ghastly macho mantle that has been raging for too long.

“Women of Power” is not about polarising men and women – far from it. It is just this programme is for women only. If you are a man, and interested in my work, get in touch.

“Women of Power” is 6 months of healing, of mentorship, of guidance.

If you want guidance, support, healing and companionship on your life and business journey, “Women of Power” will move you forward more than you thought possible.

If you are interested in learning more, apply for a free Clarity Session with me, where we will talk and tap together and find out if this is right for you.


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Tap into your Potential with your 40 free Success Videos