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The Phrase That Will Set You Free

The Phrase That Will Set You Free

Simple.  Elegant.  Powerful.  The EFT Tapping Set-Up Phrase.
In fact – genius… here’s why and what it means for you.

Here’s the transcription if you would rather read.

This is the first of a series about the Container.

The Container is one of the teachings that I use as a way of getting into right relationship with your power. For me, the container is a wondrous thing.

Once you start looking, everything is a container – the walls of a cell, the earth itself, your coffee cup. Let’s look at how we are in relationship to various containers in our life, our thoughts, time, our relationships.

So many things contend to be – the words I use are too floppy or too squished, too tight. “I have to hold on” or like “I have no power, I can’t do anything.” That’s an incredibly broad statement but just know that I’m using too floppy and too squished as two ends of a spectrum.

We are constantly finding ourselves playing along that spectrum of getting into relationship to our self. The beauty of the container, for me, is that is summed up by the words that I use – flexible strength.

One of the best examples that I know that we will be focusing on today is the EFT Tapping Setup Statement. It goes like this – “Even though (the issue), I love and accept myself.”

Now before we break that down, I just want to say that for me, this is one of the most elegant, classic, simple and profound statements or tools that I have ever come across. It has clarity and yet there’s so much flexibility. You get to be specific with your issue, really specific.

But it’s held in this beautiful container of “Even though” and “I love and accept myself.” It does its job of opening you up through form. It’s not letting you live in the chaos of your powerlessness or your victimhood or your blaming or any of the stories that we run.

It is a beautiful, simple container through which you can and may set may set yourselves free.

Let’s look at this a bit more deeply and why I’m so passionate about it. As an example of the container of flexible strength, of clarity and limitlessness of being specific and being very open at the same time.

A container which does its job, which after all, is what a container needs to do. Sometimes they need to be completely enclosed and sometimes they need to be very open. And this Set Up Phrase has that element, beautiful elements of both so let’s break it down.

The first part of the Set-Up phrase,“Even though” gives the possibility of redemption. It’s about relationship. It’s like “Even though”– there’s something going to follow that, isn’t there?

Let me quote from my own book, “Everyday Happiness” because I think I’ve put it quite well here. I’ve put here:

 ‘“Even though”, this sets up the relativity of the issue. Whatever the negative statement, it is redeemable. Already present in the first two words, there is an element of compassion and heart. ‘

“Even though”-  there is an element of compassion and heart.

And then the middle of the Set Up phrase is the issue. We learn to get specific. We learn to get specific about memories, about moments in time, about thoughts, about feelings, about sensations.

When I tap in these videos, there are going to be generalizations. Always the best with EFT is to get specific for your own self. We have the container that we are using, this technical container. And so I offer you other possibilities as well.

Examples of being specific – “Even though I have this headache above the right temple in my forehead,”

“Even though I can’t stand that he said that to me and it made me feel awful,”

“Even though I remember this occasion when I was a child and I learned,”

“Even though I’m in a rush right now,”

It’s specific to you. It’s your thoughts, your feelings, your sensations. It is the issue, what we call the issue.

The third part of the Set Up phrase – this is the best of it – “I love and accept myself”. That is the spiritual container.

“Even though I’m a bad person,”

“Even though I’m telling myself I shouldn’t have done that,”

 “Even though they shouldn’t do this,”

“Even though there’s no hope, I love and accept myself.”

 “Even though I just stop me telling I’m telling myself I’m really stupid, I love and accept myself.”

“I love and accept myself” is an affirmation. You can replace that with “You’re a cool kid”,“Perhaps one day I’ll think I’m okay”, “I’m the most amazing person in the universe”. You can adapt it for your own vernacular, for whoever you’re tapping with.

But what I want to say is for me, just listen. This came up with the client the other day, “Even though I’m telling myself I did a bad thing, I am loved and accepted.”

If we’re looking at this level, as well as this level, that is the logical next step and also the heartfelt. You can hear it ring in your own being when you tap.

“Even though I’m telling myself that this is wrong, I am loved and accepted.”

“Even though it’s all chaos and I can’t do anything, I am loved and accepted.”

There is love and acceptance. Isn’t that amazing? Let’s just take a moment.

“Even though… I am loved and accepted.”

“Even though… you are loved and accepted.”

“Even though… we are loved and accepted.”

So that’s going beyond the classic EFT setup statement. I would normally – very, very rarely going to that passive “loved and accepted”.

But I just want you to know, that for me, those are the echoes, those are reverberations of “I love and accept myself.” Because you know that most of us, most of the time, do not love and accept ourselves.

It’s when we come into that right relationship of “There is love here,” “There is love here,” “There is love here,” – that that’s when the magic happens.

I’m offering you the container of the EFT setup phrase to be a real gift and tool in your life. I do hope that you will use it. Next time I’m going to look at more examples of how to use the idea of the container and your journey to power.

Thank you so much for being with me today. I look forward to being with you next time. Goodbye.

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