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The Everyday Sacred Chalice

The Everyday Sacred Chalice

The Everyday Sacred Chalice

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I was thrilled when my daughter asked me to do the flowers for her wedding. With help from friends’ gardens and friends’ fingers, they were a great success.

But I added a secret something, a magic ingredient, a touch of “woo”. My daughter is the least “woo” person I know so I never told her (and she doesn’t get this newsletter!) But how could I not add a touch of “woo” into a sacred celebration? One doesn’t have to shout from the rooftops to make a difference.

Chalice 5 Follow Me on Pinterest The special something I added was a chalice. You can see it here to the left with flowers and above without. Her father and I had this at our wedding, and in it were precious stones and “jewels” gathered by me over a lifetime, from many countries.

Of course, this wasn’t a formal chalice used in religious ceremonies. It is the idea of the chalice as a sacred holding, a sacred shape… Once you start looking, they are all over the place!

Chalice 1 Follow Me on Pinterest Some of my favourite are in nature… see that lovely plant from my back garden … or we create them in groups…

So many chalices…

But what is my absolute favourite of all time?

The EFT Tapping Set-Up!

Yup. That simple, simple sentence…


“Even though I have this issue, I love and accept myself”


In one elegant sentence, Gary Craig (the founder of EFT), made one of the strongest spiritual statements I have heard.

This is it…

“Even though I have this issue… I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

(We often shorten the end part to “I love and accept myself”)

I have taken the following explanation from my book “Everyday Happiness”… (why re-invent the wheel? 😉 )

The first part

“Even though” gives you the first part of the container. It “sets up” the whole premise of EFT Tapping, that even though you are not perfect, you can still change. This is so profound. “Even though” gives you the possibility of forgiveness.
The second part
Describe the issue as clearly and specifically as you can.
The third part
This is what, for me, lifts EFT Tapping into the spiritual realm. The fact is, you may not, “deeply and completely love and accept myself”, Gary Craig’s original EFT phrase. In fact, if you did, you would not need to be doing EFT Tapping! But some version of love and acceptance, however small, is what is important.
If those words seem too ridiculously far away, then try a different version. For some clients, who have real self loathing or really low self esteem, I ask, “Would saying, ‘I am willing to consider that at some stage in the future I might be able to say, “I’m OK”’ be OK?” I have never met anyone who couldn’t say that.
The beauty of this third part of the Set-Up is that it offers the possibility – whether a wide open door or a tiny glimmer – of redemption. For many people, this is half the problem solved. I have never met anyone who didn’t long to be accepted, as they are, warts and all. If you can say it for yourself, you have immediately lifted yourself out of victim mentality into being a spiritual warrior.”

If you can say it for yourself, you have immediately lifted yourself out of victim mentality into being a spiritual warrior.

Try saying it and seeing how you feel…

Here is how to make your own personal everyday spiritual chalice

1.  Decide to do it and follow through. Honestly, this commitment to yourself is so huge.      Not just saying, but doing…. Sounds tiny. “Really Claire, you are making this much fuss about saying one sentence?” YES! Because every time you engage in personal transformation you give to the world. Truth.

2.   Ask yourself how you are feeling? You may want to shut your eyes, or at least take the moment to focus. Again, sounds tiny, but so many people just skip this step and then say, “But I don’t know what to tap on”. So give yourself a present and take a moment.

You may get something physical being most important, like a pain or feeling a sluggishness. You may notice that what is “on top” is a thought (from that constant conversation we have in our heads). Or it may be an emotion that feels really most important. And it may be all three.

But just for this exercise, choose one. For example, when I just shut my eyes just now to do it, I noticed that my body is feeling fine, I’m not feeling any particular emotion but that when I listened to my thoughts, I noticed – just underneath the surface – the judgement: “You should have started work earlier today…” If I dug deeper, I would find all sorts of deeper stuff like, “you never get it together”, and ultimately, “you are lazy” and “you are a failure”.

Whoa! The fact is that I am feeling fine right now sitting here and typing away, but that tiny negative judgement just underneath the surface is the top layer of some really ugly stuff. I’m not asking you to know your deep layers, (I do this stuff so much I automatically unpeel the layers of the onion almost instantly), but I do want you to know that the everyday thoughts and feelings and behaviours are important. You don’t have to wait to have a crisis to work on yourself! And in fact, although that judgement has been lurking for an hour or so, I hadn’t paid attention to it. But now I notice it, it deserves to be put in my tapping chalice.
3.   Create your tapping Set-Up. For example, I would create:
“Even though I notice I am telling myself I should have started work earlier today, love      and accept myself.”

Do you see how I contained my thought inside another chalice? I treated myself as an observer of my thoughts. Totally different from just listening to and believing, “I should have started work earlier today”.

4.   Do EFT Tapping on this belief. Even just tapping on the Karate Point and tapping can be enough.

Sometimes you don’t’ need to tap any more than that. The chalice of this Set Up does its work. Internally you feel heard; you feel that incredible relief from telling the truth. Not pretending all is hunky dory. Not pretending to be other than you are.

“Even though I am feeling…. I love and accept myself.”
In my experience, the relief that comes from saying (and tapping on the Karate Chop point at the same time) is so immense that it creates space for sacred work to happen.

This is why this sentence is a sacred chalice to me. It is the container from which clearing, forgiveness, gratitude and creation flow.

And just in a few short words! You don’t have to travel to Glastonbury to the Chalice Well or other sacred sites. You don’t have to do anything except be present with who you are and use that container for transformation.

That is why I called my book, “Everyday Happiness”. Because these tools can be used everyday! Ah….

Create your Chalice now
Chalice 4 Follow Me on Pinterest 1. Decide to do it and follow through.
2. Take a moment to focus and ask yourself, “How am I feeling? What am I thinking?  How is my body?” Notice what comes back to you.
3. Create your Everyday Chalice using “Even though I am…. (fill in with your presenting issue), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
4. Tap on your Karate Chop point (the area on the outside of you hand between the base of your little finger and the wrist) while saying your words.
5. See how you feel now.

Of course, this is only the first, tiny step of EFT Tapping. I have taken the time right now to tap my “should have” though above, and got to a place not only of complete acceptance of myself, but seeing that spending my time differently was actually important to me and I have made a choice to start earlier (at a specific time) tomorrow. The tapping took about a minute and I feel completely re-aligned and excited about tomorrow, rather than carrying over that judgement.

And my “issue” was so tiny I hadn’t paid attention! I only tapped because I was writing this article. So once again…

Chalice 3 Follow Me on Pinterest This is why this sentence is a sacred chalice to me. It is the container from which clearing, forgiveness, gratitude and creation flow.

I encourage you to try my Everyday Chalice and see what happens and post your results below. And please share what chalices you use in your life… Do you use the chalice of an altar or a grid? Or is your chalice daily spiritual prayer or meditation through which you process life? Together, we make a difference.

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