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Tap into your power to do and be all you can be in the world

Tap into your Power - LoveThe new power.

I believe that the time really is here for a new paradigm of power, a new relationship to power.

The old aspect of power based on male patriarchy clearly isn’t working. That model based on coercion, on control, on difference, on being better than – that is not working for us, for each other and for the world. You know that. I know you know that.

We need a new paradigm for power.

Let’s own a new power. A power based on love. Power based on wisdom

Power based on relationships. Right relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world.

In that way, we can create an interwoven web of beauty, which allows each person to stand in that power but also truly and deeply respects relationship.

What do you want?

Here are some choices

Frustration           Opening            Calm           Connection                         Separation      Love            Anxiety           Anger        Forgiveness           Peace           Stuckness            Expansion         Overwhelm            Joy             Safety            Love
  •  play small or expand your boundaries?
  •  stress your way to abundance or flow with ease and grace?
  • stay stuck in frustration or dance the path of momentum?
  • keep silent or speak your truth?
I know your answers.  They are the same as mine.  So let’s do it together


Tap into your Power

Tap into your Power is based on classic EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting work informed and interwoven by over 40 years of dancing, sensing, emboldened wisdom… (see my Bio for details).

You are enough - webEFT is a modality in which we clear the shadow side in order to release the light, in order to then create and build on that light.

So many people want to jump straight to the light. “I am love. I am light.”  Little dancing fairies everywhere. That’s great but we have the shadow side – all of us.

We’re human. We have limiting beliefs. It’s so easy to hold on to anger, to become a victim, to blame. In order to stand in our power, my power, your power, it is vital to look at the shadow side.

And that’s what Tap into your Power is all about.

It’s about you standing in your power to do and be all you can be in the world.

I can get you there


Tap into your Powera 6 month VIP 1 to 1 programme
This is for you if you are ready to step into your power.

I will be right beside you holding your hand, having your back. We

  • set vision goals
  • explore limitations
  • dissolve what is holding you back and
  • get you where you want to be  (or at least, firmly on the path)

And as you go, you fill your basket with a cornucopia of wonder, of tools and exercises, of experiences and insights that will stay with you forever.
This six month programme will gently re-align your relationship with your inner self.  Your “limitations” will become a gateway to transformation and abundance on all levels.  You will learn to celebrate who you are.  Powerful.  Compassionate. Wise.

  • You will own your own worth
  • You will experience the flow of abundance of the divine universe
  • You will learn to shape your moments, day and seasons of your life to best serve you and your life

In short, you will step into your power to do and be all you can be in the world


“But Claire, I have done so much self development work already…”

I dissolve this pattern- webI know, really I do.

It’s OK.  You are OK.

That’s where my experience comes in.  There is NOTHING that you can throw at me I can’t handle – deep trauma, shame, guilt, family and ancestral blocks… You may already be “successful” (rich people are allowed pain too…).  It’s all good.  You come with what you have. Together we get further.  I promise you.


The Tap into your Power VIP includes:

The Tap into your Power Prep Pack
The start of the journey, beginning to clarify…

Tap into your Power Sessions x 6
We will meet via phone or Skype for 6 x 90 minutes over 6 months to clear what needs to be cleared and create what needs to be created.

Using the Tap into your Power Method  (EFT Tapping interwoven with my own techniques), you will experience powerful relief from what has been holding you back and deep understanding of how these blocks have been showing up in your life. We will brainstorm action steps to anchor this new flow into the realities of your business. I will give you homework to keep stepping into power. You will experience real change where you really want it – money, time, relationships. This is an in-depth programme with in-depth results.

Tap into your Power Plans
After each session, I will send you your personalized Tap into your Power Plan, with a summary of the session, your action steps for your business and your homework homework. You can refer back to these Plans whenever you need to keep on track.

3 x 15 minutes emergency sessions

You call me when you need me and if I can talk then I will.  Otherwise, I will schedule the next available slot.

6 months of support
Imagine! You have full private access to me for the whole six months, to ask questions, brainstorm and share celebrations. This is a great way to anchor the habit of using the TIYP Method  for continued breakthroughs. With this incredible level of personal support, you can be sure that what you learn will be with you for life.


I’ll post you a paper copy of my book “Everyday Happiness: EFT Tapping for Self Transformation that Really Works” which explains exactly how to integrate this work into your daily life. It also comes with 40 EFT Tapping ready-to-tap scripts covering everything from “I can’t” to “Thankfulness”.

Access to my full library of 40 tapalong videos “Everyday Happiness”

I have created an entire library of tapalong videos that cover many of the main limiting beliefs and emotions, so whenever you need my tapping support, we can tap together.

This is an awesome, magical programme and I can’t wait to work with you

If this resonates with you ~ here’s what to do now


If I charged for each component, it would look like this.

TIYP Prep Pack = $47

6 x 90 min sessions = $3,000

TIYP Plan x 6 = $600

Paper copy of “Everyday Happiness” = $18.99

Video Series = $47

= $3712.99

But it’s a package.  You commit.  I deliver.

Cost?  $1,750 single payment or 6 monthly payments of $300

Step 1  To get started, set up your complimentary, no-obligation Clarity Session right here.
Clarity Session
Step 2  Once I receive your appointment time, I will send you a short email with a vital question (don’t miss this one!) and make sure we are connected on Skype.
Step 3  At the scheduled time, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 4  If we decide to go ahead, we’ll schedule your first session and you will be beginning your Tap into your Power journey. If we decide it’s not the time or fit, I will send you resources to help you on your way. Hurrah!
Still have questions about working together? Email me here.

What makes me Magician-in-Chief?

I am Claire Hayes, teacher and guide for the committed entrepreneur who is ready to step into their power.

Claire P HayesYou can trust me because I have walked my talk for decades. I have studied and applied principles from creativity to personal development to Chinese medecine to energy work as a life-path.  You are safe with me.  What I take you through I didn’t pick up in an inspirational weekend workshop, but refined as a true path over a lifetime.

For over 30 years, I have helped 1000’s of people fulfill their potential, first in the field of dance, then as a Shiatsu practitioner and now with EFT Tapping. I am a successful author of the book “Everyday Happiness: EFT Tapping for Self Transformation that Really Works”.

I have created this unique approach – the Tap into your Power Method – which brings all my skills and knowledge together.  It is fun and enlightening and it works!

Claire b&w web rightI love to see my clients experience the joy of illumination – that light bulb moment when the clouds part and the way is clear.

I love hearing how they make magic happen in their life and business – how Tap into your Power creates real change in real lives.  I love to see them transform others’ lives and fulfil their divine potential when they step into their Power.

This is my spiritual journey – bringing my expansive intuition and focussed insight to help people open to their divine qualities so they can confidently fly freely.

This is Power for me.  What can it be for you?

If you are ready to Tap into your Power, go here to get the magic started.

Clarity Session

And you can always contact me with any questions.
I can’t wait to Tap into your Power with you soon.



PS What does it cost you not to be in the centre of your life? not to know and experience the power that you can be in the world? Do you really want to carry on like you have been for (probably) years?  Set up your free no obligation Clarity Session now.
Clarity Session

“Working with Claire Hayes completely blew my mind!”

Louise_Botwright - Copy“Working with Claire Hayes completely blew my mind! As a coach and EFT Advanced practitioner myself, I’ve spent lots of time and worked with many in the field, and I have to say Claire is in a league of her own.

In just 1 session with Claire, I was able to get to the route of a serious block and set of trapped emotions that were keeping me stuck and preventing me from going to the next financial level in my business and life.

Since our session together I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, my income has already started to increase and I am attracting new clients seemingly effortlessly!

If I’m honest I really struggled to find the words to describe how amazing Claire is at what she does!”  Louise Botwright EFT practitioner and business coach




“Claire is the most honest, most effective, most caring, most empathic, and most genuine alternative practitioner I have ever come across. I cannot thank her enough! Many thanks!!”Alison Panton

” I would highly recommend Claire Hayes, as she has a powerful way to engage the person with her wit, empathy and intuitive reads. She employs the perfect combination of understanding the issue, how it is impacting the person, and asks the right questions (being the detective).
But I have to say what I really found helpful, was not only her ability to gain the insight of the persons’ issue, but also effectively teaching people how to be able to do this for themselves. This is a very important aspect of helping others to feel empowered to take on their “stuff” following the tapping sessions, which is instrumental in a person being successful with their own detective work and self-explorations.” Ann Miller

“Claire makes tapping effortless. She takes out the struggle for perfection and allows me to just be myself. Yes, I would recommend her.
I feel more myself, more unique, and more in touch with who I am.”  Valerie Huston

Tap into your Potential with your 40 free Success Videos