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How salmon can boost your business

How salmon can boost your business

What have salmon got to do with business?

Claire by the riverYesterday I went down to the river Findhorn for a walk and some quiet time. I found a lovely spot to settle myself (for me walks often include extended times of sitting!) and fell into a reverie. Then I heard a splash. It was a big splash so I assumed it was a salmon leaping.

Now I have lived in Scotland for over 20 years and heard salmon splashes many times, but I’d never actually spotted a leap. So yesterday I tried something new. I decided to watch the water.

By the riverWell, that didn’t work. I soon got bored of just waiting for something that might never happen so I put my eyes down again. Another splash! Darn it!

So I tried again. And failed again. Another splash almost as soon as I had stopped looking…

Was Nature playing with me? I decide on a different approach. I set a clear intention that it would be lovely to spot a salmon leaping then let it go.

You can guess what happened

Without any reason to look up, I looked up at the very moment a salmon leapt… a beautiful arc, just like a dolphin. I caught a glimpse of shimmer, of power and then it was gone. It only lasted a split second but I will never forget it.

Then a few minutes later it happened again.

What’s all this got to do with business?

Is there something you have been trying to make work with lots of focus and attention but it just isn’t working? Perhaps you have a great idea and you are working away at it and getting stressed and all for what? It just seems like all that effort is going nowhere.

And yet you know you have to attend to your business for it to work. You have to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. You have to put it out to the world.

Yes, all that is true.

But if you have been pushing and trying and getting all caught up in detail and to-do lists and nothing is coming back to you, perhaps it’s time to step away.

Take a break.

Give it away.

Look away from the river and trust

Give it to Spirit.

Hold your intention and let go.

And then see what comes back to you.
Will you see a salmon?

Will your idea fly in a way that is unexpected and surprising?

Will that pause allow a bigger picture to emerge?

Will that space allow Spirit to inspire you and bring you what serves you?

Often it will.

Be open to the answer

The answer is there but you need the space to see it.

It’s about allowing the possibility having set your foundation.

First, you need to do your work. You have to do more than put your dreams on a vision board and hope. You have your dream. You do your due diligence, your research and your action steps.

But if you get frustrated and it isn’t turning out the way you had hoped, try taking a break and giving it to Spirit.

Take some time and clearly offer the problem to grace and let it go.

Allow the possibility that the answer is out there, but you just can’t see it yet. Allow the possibility of being shown.

It reminds me of that proverb, “Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah”.

If you are frustrated and your project is stuck

Here is what to do

1. Check you have your foundation.
2. Give it to Spirit.
3. Be open to the answers. They may come in unexpected ways.

Share below if you have ever done this. Have you got stuck with a vision and then consciously given it to Spirit and been rewarded? Or in a smaller way, just taken a break and come back and found the answer waiting for you? Did you look up and see your salmon?

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