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You are enough

EFT Tapping for COnfidence Claire P Hayes Follow Me on Pinterest I saw a brilliant image on Instagram recently. I wish I had made a screen shot but it said something like:
“Every morning I remind myself not to compare myself unfavourably on Facebook” .

It was actually more succinct than that but it really struck a chord with me. This lady set an intention before venturing onto social media so that she was always showing up in her best self. That way she was slaying the demon of self doubt before it had a chance to attack her…

But what happens if it is too late? You see something someone has written or posted or even a picture of themselves looking all shiny and successful and you feel that pang of

“I am not enough”

You may feel it instantly like an arrow in the heart. But it is much more likely to be insidious, a slow pecking away from the inside…crumbling what edifice you have built of self confidence and clarity.

And something else happens. When you are visited by the demon of self –doubt, it is MUCH harder to do your best work, or even to do your work at all. That voice, “you are not enough” can erode the most beautiful of dreams.

But if you don’t feel good and you don’t act, you won’t fulfil your dreams.

That sounds a bit drastic but the good news is – there is PLENTY you can do! It is about recognising the inner voices of doubt, doing something about them and also building yourself up in the first place.
The 2 Golden Paths to KNOWING “you are enough”


1. Celebrate/cheer/feed your inner knowing of “I AM ENOUGH”

Eg Set an intention to keep in touch with your best, shiniest self. It may be at a time of meditation or mindfulness. You may have an image or a talisman that reminds you of those Qualities you shine when “you are enough”. You may have a body memory that you can access. You may write some affirmations. Take the time. It is worth it.

2. Listen to/ notice/ become aware of your inner doubts that say ,”You re not enough”. Then zap them!

This is how to do it with EFT Tapping when you notice the “less than” feeling happening.

Notice what the voices are telling you.
Notice what your body feels like.
Notice your emotion(s).

Then tap. This might help.

“I’m not enough”
(Repeat the following phrases while tapping on the Karate Chop Point)
Even though I’m telling myself I’m not enough, I love and accept myself.
Even though I’m telling myself I’m not enough, I deeply & completely love and accept myself.
Even though part of me is telling me I’m not enough, I am.

Head point: I’m not … enough
Eyebrow: Never have been, never will be
Side of Eye: I’ve believed this a long time
Under Eye: It’s not true
Under Nose: Yes it is
Chin: I choose not to listen any more
Collarbone: That’s just a voice in my head
Under Arm: This “not enough” feeling
Liver Point: This “not  enough” thought
Head point: It’s not true I’m not good enough
Eyebrow: Who’s “enough” anyway!
Side of Eye: I’m a complete person, warts and all!
Under Eye: I am exactly the person I am and that’s OK
Under Nose: I am the perfect me
Chin: I am the perfect me
Collarbone: I choose to believe I am good enough
Under Arm: I choose to believe I am perfect the way I am
Liver Point: I am enough

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