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EFT Tapping for It’s not safe

EFT Tapping for It’s not safe

Scream - web Follow Me on Pinterest “I’m not safe” or “it’s not safe”

These are the words I hear most often from clients when we dig down to the deep core issues.

Now, after the events in Paris, this primal fear seems to be permeating Western society like a fog…

Yes, it is vital to head those warning signals in the heat of the moment. Of course.

But when fear (with its cousins anger and blame) becomes the default emotion for policy making, whether personal or societal it seems to lead to escalation not resolution.

I have no answers for society, but I do know that when you act over and over from fear, then life gets worse not better (to put it bluntly, but I am in a blunt mood today). Fear usually masquerades with all sorts of faces – self-justification, victimhood, “I’m right, you’re wrong”, “I’m not enough” etc but when you peel off the layers, there sits fear at the bottom, clogging up the vital flow of love like a turd.

So let’s not.

Let’s not act from fear, unless useful in the moment

Here is a tapping script to support acting from love, not fear.

Even though this is too much, how could they? – I love and accept myself
Even though it’s wicked, they are wicked – I love and accept myself
Even though I’m scared – I deeply and completely love and accept myself

this fear
this permeating fear
it unnerves me
it scares me
I realise how much I normally feel safe
I hope it doesn’t happen here
but it might happen here
it’s not OK
this fear

This fear in my body
this fear just underneath
I’d better keep myself hidden
it’s not safe
I will stay quiet
better that way
this global fear
what can I do?
think I’ll stay safe

But I don’t want to hide
I want to face this fear
I won’t let them do this to me
I want to stand tall
but I feel afraid
things are changing
we need to wake up
make a stand
be clear

choosing to clear this fear
choosing to clear my fear
choosing to feel clearer
what can I do?
how can I act?
what shall I say?
how can I feel?
choosing to clear the fear
choosing to clear the fear

keeping my heart open
keeping my boundaries clear
being discerning
being mindful
noticing my own judgements of myself and others
choosing love not fear
being responsible
not head in the sand
open eyes open heart

choosing to look at my stuff
choosing to know what “safe” is
feeling that in my body
while keeping mindful
choosing to trust
choosing to see the bigger picture
love not fear
I am safe
love not fear

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