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EFT and Power

EFT and Power

Let’s reclaim power as a force for good. There is too much at stake in the world not to step up and be our best selves.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – is supremely suited to clear the stuff that gets in the way of your power so you can shine brightly and clearly for the life and world you want.


If you’d prefer to read the transcipt rather than watch the video – it’s right here.

Hello I’m Claire Hayes of and Tap into your Power. Why power? And why tapping – EFT Tapping?

I believe that the time really is here for a new paradigm of power, a new relationship to power.

The old aspect of power based on male patriarchy clearly isn’t working. That model based on coercion, on control, on difference, on being better than, of being “needing to do this in order to take power” – that is not working for us, for each other and for the world. You know that. I know you know that.

We need a new paradigm for power. I used to not want to use the word “power”. I didn’t even like in power. I have too much of that old, coercive control understanding of power.

Let’s own a new power. A power based on love. Power based on wisdom.

No. Let’s own a new power. A power based on love. Power based on wisdom. Power based on relationships. Right relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world.

In that way, we can create an interwoven web of beauty, which allows each person to stand in that power but also truly and deeply respects relationship. How do we get to that?

EFT Tapping

Many, many tools and my main modality of choice is EFT Tapping. EFT Tapping is a modality created by Gary Craig. You can learn all about it from me and from YouTube, from all sorts of sources.

But essentially, EFT is a modality in which we clear the shadow side in order to release the light, in order to then create and build on that light.

So many people want to jump straight to the light. I am love. I am light. It’s so lovely. Kind of little dancing fairies everywhere. That’s all great but we have the shadow side – all of us.

We’re human. We have limiting beliefs. It’s so easy to hold on to anger, to become a victim, to blame. In order to stand in our power, my power, your power, it is vital to look at the shadow side.

I have a visual aid. I recently bought this, in honor of one of my mentors, the lovely Lindsay Pera, who loves this shape as the infinity symbol. (In the video, shows an hourglass).

It also was used in my training with the Life Training. When we are full of the rubbish stuff, it’s held in place by fear as if all the sand in the hour glass was stuck on one side –  as soon as I turn this over it’s going to flow. But when it’s stuck on one side, we can’t access the other side.

We need fluidity. We need to be able to clear the shadow side and also to fill the shiny, the light sides. The reality is that all of us, most of the time, are somewhere on this spectrum with some light, with some shadow. We need the shadow to show us the light.

My understanding of creating power is to use EFT Tapping, to gently, profoundly and  deeply clear  the shadow sides so that our light side may shine more clearly.

In future episodes, I’m going to go a lot more into detail. But this is the container with which I’m working. Let’s just finish, let’s wrap up with a tapping round which you can do along with me, to do with the big subject of power. Just follow along.

“Even though I don’t feel powerful, I love and respect myself.”

“Even though there is some areas in my life I don’t have power, I don’t have control – of course not – so much is unknowable, I love and accept myself.”

“Even though I’m not standing in my power, I’d love to be closer to that so that I might be in the best relationship to the world as possible, I love and accept myself.”

“This lack of power, this desire, it’s all good”

“Ready to work on my shadow side”

“Ready to look in the nooks and crannies”

“Ready to release the stories from the past”

“Ready to take my place onto the endpoint”

“Ready to step into my power”

“Ready to step into my power”

That’s just one round just to give you a glimpse of how to use EFT Tapping. We’re going to go into that a lot more deeply.

What to do now

But the tip and what I would like – if you so desire – what I suggest for you to do as we begin to dealt into this relationship of power and EFT Tapping is in a gentle way because it’s going to be a bit overwhelming.

Look at the places in which you don’t feel power at the moment. Is it with global warming? Is it with the fact that your young son never put his shoes only time for you to get out of the door in the morning? Is it in your closest relationship? Is it with your centre?

There are going to be many places in which you don’t feel powerful and that’s okay. What doesn’t work is when you and I get stuck in the place of not being powerful.

Let’s just start with our investigation. “Where do you not feel powerful?” Also- “Where do you feel powerful?” “Where can you own your beauty and your pride?”

That’s a lot to take on so just know that it’s all workable, it’s all tappable. We are building a new paradigm of power.

Thank you so much for being with me today and I look forward to being with you next time. Thank you so much. Goodbye.


Where do you feel powerful?  And where are the major places you don’t?  Let’s share below.

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