Transformational EFT Tapping with Claire P. Hayes

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Susan Ferraro

“It has had such a profound influence on my life”

“I feel much lighter and more excited about my business launch. You are so kind and generous and what you gave went above and beyond what I expected. This experience of EFT was SO different from what I thought it would be like from books. You are so intuitive and the work was very deep. I highly recommend you without a doubt.

I came to the session to work on the feelings of being stuck, and procrastination. I was holding myself back and holding that tension in my shoulders. The work we did surprised me- we went to a place that I didn’t expect and yet it has had such a profound influence on my life. Plus- My shoulders felt like they had been massaged even though they felt totally tense and tight at the start of the session!”

  Susan Ferraro

Mindset Strategist & Manifestation Coach |

Nathalie Cattaneo

“It’s OK to be peaceful”

“This has been so helpful for getting to a sense of peace. Working on my “shoulds” has lifted a huge weight off my mind. That was so powerful for me. Since our session I have been able to sleep peacefully when before that was an issue for me. Now I know it’s OK to be peaceful. Claire has a lovely voice and I was totally “in the zone” the whole time- her clarity allowed me to be more articulate than I usually am, so I felt held and supported. I would definitely recommend Claire."

  Nathalie Cattaneo

Owner & Worker Bee at Kickjam Creative |

Kiria Silke Vandekamp

“I feel ready to show myself. This was soul healing work”

“I came to the session afraid to really show myself and not managing to get all the things needed done in time. The session was much more about the personal me than I expected but I can see how there will be a positive impact on my business – I feel ready to show myself and be honest to the world about who I am. My new joyful, vibrant self is happy and proud to show herself. It touched me very deeply. Claire is very empathetic, very intuitive with a very nice energy. You jump into the energy field of the person you are working with so you feel with the person. You already knew where I was at…

I really recommend working with Claire. I was surprised at how deep it went. When I used tapping myself before it was more on the surface. This time it was soul healing work.”

  Kiria Silke Vandekamp

Sensual Birth Coach |

Jennifer Merrill

“If you are ready to delve into your soul, Claire is there for you…”

“I When we first connected I wasn’t sure where to start, but I knew I had issues with over-extending myself in my business and holding myself back from the things I really wanted in my life.

Now, I feel a definite energetic shift. I feel much less anxious and worried. I know the work will get done, and it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. I am in a completely different mindset.

You’re very intuitive and I love the way you walked me through this process gently. Even when you were telling me something that was a little hard to hear, you did it in a way that was supportive. Being able to read where I am coming from – even over Skype – and to give me the guidance that I need without being too harsh – that demonstrates what a good teacher you are. If people are ready to do the work of delving into their soul, Claire is there for you.”

  Jennifer Merrill

Creativity Firecracker |

Carolina Velasquez

“I can now see a clear path to the future”

“Words could not describe the sense of relaxation your session brought to my life in general. I truly felt like I had some heavy un-needed weight lifted off, and I thank you for that. I came to the work with Claire stressed and feeling that I didn’t have the time to work on my business –partly because I always put everyone else first. This session has made me realize I can put myself at the top of the list and that will be better for everyone. It has provided a lot of clarity. From seeming impossible, I can now see a clear path to the future. Claire made it all very easy. Her voice is very calm and I felt like I had known her forever. I would definitely recommend working with Claire – she is very talented knows her stuff!”   Carolina Velasquez

Education for Pet Parents |

Amy Hager

“I was astonished at how transformative EFT with Claire can be”

“I knew there was something deeper going on that was behind my inability to connect with my online audience. You had so much patience and persistence to really explore deeply and get to the core of what was going on.

I feel more hopeful now and trusting of myself. I know how to pay more attention to the messages and be more in tune. I feel more hopeful that I won’t be procrastinating any more in the things I’ve been putting off for a long time. And I must say the EFT session was so effective that I barely even have cravings anymore.

I was astonished at how transformative EFT with Claire can be after just one session. She was patient, persistent and really skilled at getting to the heart of the matter.”

  Amy Hager

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Wellness Coach |

Amanda Cook

“Claire has… an uncanny ability to focus in on just the issue or trigger keeping you stuck”

“I had intended to discuss mindset issues with Claire, but during a single session she helped me to dig deeper, and identify several "hidden" obstacles that were clearly subconscious triggers holding me back!   Claire's warmth and upbeat sense of humor provide a supportive environment to guide you through the tapping process, and an uncanny ability to focus in on just the issue or trigger keeping you stuck (even if you don't realize it yourself!)   I really enjoyed our session and found it super useful. I would be happy to recommend Claire to all my friends who feel stuck in their life or business!”

  Amanda Cook

Vintage Amanda (natural health & beauty) |

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