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About Claire

Claire-and-Keith Follow Me on Pinterest Hi, my name is Claire Hayes, and I want to tell you the real nitty-gritty, not a cosmetic version to make me look good.
Perhaps I should give you the sugar coated version but
telling you anything but the complete story is a disservice.
For some time, my about page has been clean and neat.  It was all true, but it was still the edited version.
I have seen so many bios of people who teach spiritual stuff that look like there was an obvious journey from A to B, that they knew what the journey was and then travelled upon it.
It is a complete myth.

I’m going to do something a little different

But first, here is the official bio.
Claire+as+Isadora - Copy Follow Me on Pinterest “Claire has worked with self-development with people for over 30 years.  A native Londoner, she graduated with an English degree and then went to Dance School. She created Dance of the Heart, an expressive dance class that used improvisation as self awareness and growth. She choreographed and taught around the U.K. Europe and the USA.
During her 20’s and 30’s, she immersed herself in various personal development methods, and taught Self-Esteem classes.  She also studied Ki Gung and Ki Aikido intensively.
Her 10 year career as a Shiatsu practitioner introduced her to Chinese medicine and energy work.  More recently she has been working as an Gary Craig (EFT founder) certified EFT practitioner, where she enjoys bringing all her experience together.”

All true but B..O..R..I..N..G

That is the one with all facts.  The one that tells you my qualifications in what order…zzz
What it doesn’t tell you is what actually happened, and why I now put myself in a position to be a guide for deep transformational work.

Woman on stairs Follow Me on Pinterest Here is the longer, messier version

Let’s start with some mistakes.
•    I turned down some real opportunities as a professional dancer because I was too scared to make phone calls.
•    I didn’t know what the hell I was doing for far too long (or so I thought)
•    I got discouraged when I thought I “should” be doing better, because I had been to all these seminars and made myself wrong.
•    I was too scared (notice a theme here?) to really open my heart to my husband, and we got divorced.
•    I have been mega angry, on occasions, with both my children.  One of them has special needs.  One isn’t meant to be angry with people for things they can’t take responsibility for…oh my…

Enough.  You get the idea.  I am not perfect.

What else?

Claire-under-tree Follow Me on Pinterest I need long stretches of time on my own, ideally lying under a tree with a book.  And if I don’t get to a dance class at least once a week, I start to go a bit peculiar.

But here is the juice that holds it all together.

I am totally blessed to have as my life’s work guiding others to transformation.  When I am working with clients and I see the shift in their face as they release their stuff (or hear it if we are on the phone), and witness the joy and wonder as they transition into a new relationship with Life, then I am indeed blessed.
Claire+prayer Follow Me on Pinterest When it flows naturally into the deepest corners and out again, and I completely trust the process and hold that possibility for my clients, then all is well with the world.  What more can I ask for?

How I learned about transformation

Like many seekers, I listened to many profound teachers. I was required to dig deep and didn’t always manage it.  I healed so much pain but…
So many answers! Meditation, mediation, this process and that process and I still managed to fall into the cracks of despair!

How could that be?  How could one have glimpsed Heaven and chosen to fall again into hell?

Home autism style small Follow Me on Pinterest There was a reason that I found EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom techniques) at a particular time.  I was at a breaking point of knowing how to deal with my sweet-as-pie special needs daughter morphing into a violent and unpredictable teenager.   So many issues triggered!
And I listened again and I heard the voice of EFT .

It not only took me to a place of healing of so many of those K Follow Me on Pinterest triggers (thank you Sondra), but to a place of power.  With EFT, I not only healed my own wounds, but more importantly, was able to act for my daughter.  She is now happy and healthy in the perfect situation.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that my daily practice of EFT was part of that transformation.
So that is why I took EFT into my work as my main modality.  Training with EFT Master and Matrix Re-Imprinting Founder Karl Dawson, it took me through the deepest of transformations but it is part of my daily fabric.

Claire+joy - Copy Follow Me on Pinterest Those everyday signs – notice! – are the doorway and the path… I use my years of knowledge of the moving body and of energy work and of personal development and weave it with EFT into a transforming whole.


Daily transformation isn’t theoretical.

It is about real answers to the real problems of everyday life.  It IS possible to face the grimmest of scenarios and emerge with grace and lightness.

It IS possible to move clearly into the future.

I have practised EFT with clients to

  •                          de-clutter, move on and find purpose
  •                          to manifest that purpose in the world
  •                          lose weight, heal relationships, become happy

I continue to practice EFT for myself for both the big and the little things (which of course are related).

Claire Hayes book EFT Tapping Follow Me on Pinterest It is the ultimate user-friendly technique.  It is friends with yoga and meditation and prayer.  You can do it in the bathroom, in a plane, on the phone.  It has no agenda but always moves towards grace and harmony.

So that’s my story.  I do tend to become a bit evangelical (sorry!) but I really believe in it.  It has brought my life together with all its threads and learnings into a whole.  I no longer fear the future or the past.  My present is good.
At this stage of my life, I do not have anything to prove.  I know and love doing this work.  I do it well.  It makes me happy and certainly makes my clients happy.
I hope that for you, too.

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